Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Washi Tape Buy: Details

Washi Tape Buy:
To order from the wholesaler we need to have at least 300 rolls, any combination is fine.  These are links to the categories I have for you to choose from:
Sweets, Donuts, Popsicles, Cupcakes, Macarons
There is a chance that the specific style desired will sell out before we make our order. Although it is not common, it can happen. If you are unwilling to go through with your part of the buy if a style is not available please state that when writing up your order. In that instance your order will be added after we reach 300 rolls.
If we receive fewer rolls than ordered of a specific style I will fill orders in the same sequence that I received payment. This will ensure that rolls are available on a first come first served basis.
If multiple rolls are ordered by one person I will see that each person who ordered that style gets one roll before filling the order for multiple rolls.
The price varies per roll. Some of it goes by the size and others seem to be completely random. Prices are listed below the photo with the product #.

All payments will need to be through PayPal. There is a charge from PayPal to use their service. I will use the fee calculator to determine the cost and add that into your total, clearly marking any amounts.
Here is a link to the calculator I will be using:

Please send you orders to me by e-mail
List your tapes in numerical order using the following format:
#8569 = 2 rolls at $2.00 per roll
#8722 = 1 roll at $1.80 per roll
#9407 = 1 roll at $1.80 per roll
4 rolls at $7.60
When totaling up your order list the total number of rolls and the total cost.
I will review your list of numbers and prices so that we have as few mistakes as possible.
I will send out invoices AFTER we have reached 300 rolls. Invoices will be sent out in the same sequence that I received each persons order.
I will order from the wholesaler after I have received the payment for each persons order.

Missing Product:
When I receive the shipment I will sort and catalog each persons order. If any rolls are missing I will contact the wholesaler. Returns have always been dealt with in a quick and professional manner. After the return has been processed into my account I will reimburse each person for any of the rolls they paid for but did not receive.

Shipping Cost:
Shipping will be invoiced to you after I receive your order from the wholesaler. I will use USPS for shipping throughout the USA.  My zip code is 99205. Your cost of shipping will be the cost of the envelope plus shipping to you as well as any PayPal fees.

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